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We’re all in this together, to create something big.

We're are always on the look out for talented and great people to join our team. Have a look at the roles on offer and send us a mail if you think you'd be a good fit.

Our Core Values

Ravertan CTS is comprised of wildly-talented teammates who can operate independently, challenge each other, collaborate with our clients, and focus on building great products. These are the values that matter most to us.



Great products require hard work, iterative testing, and open collaboration with each other and our clients.



Innovation comes with equal parts exploration and validation. We’re always game for trying something new.


Do Great Work

Our team isn’t afraid of a little perspiration to create something we’re all proud of. We succeed when you succeed.

What We Care About


Collaboration builds quality

It’s not me; it’s we. It’s not No, but…; it’s Yes, and… Every day, we practice genuine collaboration—building on one another’s concepts and sketches until it’s impossible to say where the idea came from in the first place. That’s how we work.


Work with only the brightest

We take pride in our work. We hire people who could take their pick of just about any studio. We choose clients who anyone would be honored to work with. We seek out people who truly excel at what they do.


Details make the difference

We care. About every project. About doing what’s best for our clients. About staying at the top of our game. We care about all the little things—the stuff no one else will notice—because that meticulous commitment to excellence is exactly what sets us apart.


Be good to work with

Be nice. Be optimistic. Be enthusiastic. Be supportive. That’s the attitude we bring into the office every day. We treat tough problems as interesting challenges. We’re critical, but not cynical. And overall, we take our work more seriously than we take ourselves.


Push a little further

We work in a changing medium, in an evolving field. That means we get to constantly push boundaries, challenge standards, and redefine what’s possible. Yes, that makes our job a lot of work—but it’s also what makes it so worthwhile.


Always get it done

You won’t see a lot of suits around here, but our work ethic is professional. When we say we’ll deliver, we do. We work through roadblocks together. When Plan A doesn’t work, we don’t make excuses; we start executing Plan B.

Open Positions

Currently we don't have any open positions but if you are interested in possible future opportunities please send us an email to . Talents are always welcome.


We're always looking for authentic, talented freelancers to work with. If you want to chat about working together, say hi to us via one of those mail addresses or

We’re a small, distributed team which allows us to move quickly and break things… and sometimes put things together. We like working on big problems that are hard to solve, yet incredibly rewarding.

We love working with honest and authentic people, passionate about their work. You don’t need 10 years experience or a PhD in Psychology, you just need to know what you’re doing and understand why it’s so important in the grand scheme of things.

We appreciate openness and transparency — saying what you think, especially if it’s not popular opinion. The customer isn’t always right… so it’s our job to teach them. We care deeply about our clients, working to give them the tools to succeed on their own and provide value wherever we’re able to.

We set our personal standards very high and work to meet them constantly. We crave people who ask “why” where it matters and never take things for granted.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the things that people tend to ask us about frequently. Before you send us your question you may want to read through these first.

Can I work remote?

We don’t offer any remote roles for new employees at the moment. If you are an independent, senior person with amazing communication skills then we can explore remote after you’ve worked here for a while. But if you don’t currently work at Ravertan CTS then this is not something we can support.

Can I freelance with you?

Potentially, yes. But you will almost definitely need to be physically present at the office from where your project will be run.

Can I join Ravertan CTS as an intern?

That depends on when you are reading this. Ravertan CTS sometimes takes on interns, and when we do they are listed at the top of this page. If you don’t see an open intern role there, then we don’t have anything open at the moment.