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We Connect People to Data and Technology.

Our work is at the forefront of design and technology. Using data as a strategic asset throughout our creative process; we empower our insights and validate our outputs. It enables us to work smarter, improving on solutions that get it right. No decision is made arbitrarily, we leave nothing to chance.


We design for impact, focusing on information platforms that scale and evolve with organizations. We are experts in the areas of interaction design, visual design, and data visualization, and approach every project from a human-centered perspective. We work across a broad spectrum of media, from web and mobile applications to publications and media installations. Our tools are data and information. Our mission is the creation of knowledge.

Our Process

Our process is collaborative and hands-on. We engage deeply with our clients — innovative startups, progressive cultural and government organizations, as well as corporations who value design. We emphasize dialogue and prototyping as methods for inquiry, discovery and validation.

Ravertan CTS Data Process

Our projects begin by exploring the space and defining the problem (Discovery). The next step is making solutions tangible so they can be evaluated (Prototype/Evaluate), before implementing and testing them (Build).

We believe that design is iterative — an ongoing process of creating and learning. We value ongoing relationships with our clients, where we combine our expertise in the pursuit of knowledge and the best possible outcomes.

Service Offering

Data Visualization

We transform data, through research and analytics, into meaningful and impactful visual stories and experiences. Data does not live in a vacuum - like water, it flows whichever way one channels it. Through our visualization techniques, data and information are placed into context to reveal new perspectives, insights and establish actionability.


  • Interactive Data Visualizations
  • Data Stories and Micro-sites
  • Interactive Data Installations